DON BOSCO INSTITUTE is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) working with the Young At Risk in the city of Bangalore since 1980.
Of paramount concern is the growing phenomenon of street and working children in all major cities in India. The alarming pace of urbanization and the proportionately weakening fabric of our social structure and policies are forcing a large number of such children into cities every day.
This centre acts as a halfway home to street children below 15 years who are persuaded to come away from the streets. At this centre, boys enjoy maternal/paternal care, affection, concern and true fellowship.Some of the them are referred to other institutions for formal education while others attend training in carpentry, welding, two wheeler repairs, tailoring, electrical and bookbinding. At present there are about 80 boys residing in the centre. Besides, Mane serves as a convalescing centre from 1986 for the sick boys from the areas that require special care.

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